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Analysis and solutions of common failures of Citroen auto parts

Many friends who bought Citroen are very interested in the maintenance of Citroen auto parts. After all, when Citroen has been o

Many friends who bought Citroen are very interested in the maintenance of Citroen auto parts. After all, when Citroen has been opened for a period of time, various problems will arise. Some minor problems can be solved directly, but some problems may not be fixed even if they go to a repair shop. Well, today I will explain to you the common accessory problems of Citroen.

1. First, let’s learn about Citroen’s turbochargers

The main function of turbocharger is to increase engine power and reduce exhaust emissions. Turbocharger

The compressor is to use the gas discharged from the exhaust pipe to drive the turbine to rotate, and then drive the compressor to enter

Rotate, and then suck air into the cylinder in the engine to fully burn the gasoline. This

So it played a role in increasing the engine power.


2. Then come to understand the second common problem: turbocharger burns oil

Sometimes the turbocharger burns oil. In this case, the owners of the car will maintain and guarantee

Caused by improper maintenance and use of cars. The oil enters the combustion chamber due to sealing or blockage.

After being burned, the general car exhaust color appears blue to determine that the engine oil is burned.

1) If the compressor impeller is improperly sealed or the oil ring is damaged, the oil will flow into the impeller chamber, and then follow

The pressurized air enters the combustion chamber together, causing the oil to burn.

2) The oil return pipe of the turbocharger is blocked, and the oil is accumulated in the rotor assembly too much, and it enters along the impeller

Up the combustion chamber.


3.Citroen intake pipe has an inhalation sound

This phenomenon is normal, and there is no fuss about the sound of inhalation.

In the case of a small number of units, each vacuum tube does not leak without air leakage.


4. What to do if the intake pipe of Citroen engine falls off

The pipe that comes out of the air filter and enters the engine always falls off for no reason.

After filtering, it enters the engine directly. It may be because the seal ring was oiled during installation. You can take it off and wipe the oil clean and there is no problem during installation. Then just change the clip.

5. Is it necessary to clean the intake pipe and throttle? How much does it cost to clean the intake pipe and throttle?

You know, the price difference between general repair shops and 4S shops is very big, about 100 to 150, but

The intake pipe and throttle valve do not have to be cleaned. Some cars have a lot of throttle sludge but it can

There is no need to clean for tens of thousands of kilometers, because the computer can automatically remember and according to the throttle status

Make adjustments.

If you want to clean it, you need to look at the problem: dirty throttle will affect ignition and engine performance.

Rate drops, fuel consumption increases, idling speed is unstable, idling speed trembling, computer check to confirm the throttle valve failure

It needs cleaning.

The netizen said: My Citroen C5 has washed the throttle and initialized with the throttle computer.

It cost 110 yuan to replace the air conditioning filter, clean the cabin, and wash the car. But the air conditioner filter is

I bought it myself and exchanged it in the store.

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