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Since the beginning when we established the company, we have a great ideal ------ to become the most popular auto parts brand in the world. Thus, we created the PARTSQUEEN brand and registered it in Europe. The brand is positioned for excellent quality, warmth and affinity, and distinctive creativity.
We provide "one-stop" product services of all vehicle parts for the global automotive aftermarket, focusing on spare parts for Volkswagen, ŠKODA, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and other European car brands. Cars of these brands are produced and sold in large quantities in China. For example, Volkswagen produced 8.88 million cars globally in 2021, of which 2.4 million were produced and sold in China. Therefore, we have a very rich resource of auto parts products. At present, we have more than 10,000 models of parts and components in our products system, especially over 2,000 models of exterior parts of the cars. We are the No. 1 in this field in the global auto parts industry.
We are particularly focused on excellent product quality. All the manufacturers of our products have IATF16949 quality system management, which have higher standards on product material and durability. For example, our headlight products, the lampshade is made of German DuPont anti-ultraviolet PC material, UV hardening treatment + anti-fog treatment, light transmittance > 90%, which effectively ensures driving safety and prevents the lampshade from fogging, yellowing, darkening, scratches; the robot gluing process is adopted to improve the stability of gluing; the entire headlight is 100% sprayed and air-tightly inspected, which effectively ensures product quality.
Not only do we provide our customers with quality products and services, we also care about the growth and happiness of our employees. Every employee can get continuous learning and training in our company. During various festivals, we will also let our employees enjoy sincere care from the company, for we believe only our employees grow and be happy, they could provide our customers with better products and more enthusiastic service.
Enjoy the difference. We will create a new future for the global auto spare parts market with our unique charm and ideals.



Provide professional and perfect auto parts services for global aftermarket spare parts customers.


Become the world's most popular auto parts brand, respected by people.


1. Customer focus 2. Keep improving 3. Enjoy the difference 4. Sence of responsibility 5. Better working better life.


Wuhan, Hubei, China

Our company is only 33 kilometers away from the Volkswagen factory (producing Volkswagen brand cars and Skoda brand cars), 9 kilometers away from the Peugeot and Citroen car factories, 7 kilometers away from the Renault car factory, and 13 kilometers away from the Honda car factory. There are a large number of excellent auto parts manufacturing factories here, providing various parts and components for these auto manufacturers every day. This unique geographical location has created our unique advantage in parts supply resources.

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