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What is the difference between the original and the subsidiary auto parts?

What is the difference between each auto parts​ Let's talk about them one by one.

During the use of the car, it is inevitable that the accessories will be damaged. Whether you go to a 4S shop, a repair shop, or online shopping, the quality and price of accessories are uneven. In fact, there are generally three types of accessories: original factory authorized accessories, original factory unauthorized accessories and auxiliary factory accessories. What is the difference between each auto parts Let's talk about them one by one.


>>What are the original authorized accessories?

As the name suggests, the original factory authorized accessories are those with the car company's brand LOGO, which are generally authorized by the OEM. Certificates, instructions, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc. are all complete.

Whether it is produced by a manufacturer under the auto brand itself or commissioned by a professional component manufacturer, as long as the LOGO of the car manufacturer is printed, we collectively refer to the original factory authorized accessories.


>>Where can I buy original authorized accessories?

Such accessories are generally not sold externally, and are usually only available in 4S stores. Of course, there are also a small number of transactions in the gray market. However, compared with other accessories, its quality, workmanship, matching and after-sales are guaranteed, and the price is naturally not cheap.

From the factory to the 4S shop and then to the car, the internal system of the car company has detailed records. If something goes wrong, you can directly find a 4S shop, this is more at ease to use.


>>What are the original unauthorized parts?

Unauthorized parts from the original factory sound like sub-factory parts, but they are actually different. There is another name for this kind of accessories called original equipment manufacturer accessories, referred to as OEM parts.

What does that mean? It means that the suppliers that cooperate with car companies produce the same standard accessories for self-sale. What is printed is not the LOGO of the car company but the LOGO of the component manufacturer. For example, the Bosch brand involves many parts and components. There are parts supplied to automakers as well as self-operated parts. LOGOs with the same parameters and different prices are slightly cheaper.

>>How about the original unauthorized parts?

The parts supplier is not a charity, the cheaper money is actually taxes. The logo printed on the accessories provided by the car companies is subject to some brand tax. If you sell it yourself, this part of the money will be saved and given to consumers, which is also a marketing strategy.

Although there is no car company's LOGO, all aspects of performance are the same as the original authorized accessories, and the after-sales service is also the responsibility of the parts supplier.

It’s just that there will be some style matching problems, such as NGK. Although the thread diameter, length, ignition gap and the original authorized accessories can be used normally, the calorific value may be different. Although it does not affect the use, it cannot be completely matched. A phenomenon.

Generally speaking, OEM parts are worthy of recommendation, which not only guarantees the quality, but also is relatively cheap.


>>How about the quality of the auxiliary factory accessories?

The sub-factory parts have not been authorized by car companies, and their quality is also uneven. Such accessories are more common in roadside repair shops. There are not only independently produced brand parts, but also dismantled parts, and even high imitation parts of the three-no products.

The quality of independently produced brand accessories is basically guaranteed. Like scrapped parts and high imitation prices, it is more luck. There are many sources of scrapped parts, including scrapped cars, accident cars, black market cars, etc. Those with insufficient experience may suffer more.

Sanwu high imitations are even more exaggerated, as shoddy scams exist. For example, we go to the canteen to buy things, such as Kang Shuaifu, Wanghao Milk, big walnuts, etc., the water is too deep to prevent.

>>How to choose accessories?

When it comes to safety accessories, try to choose original authorized accessories or OEM parts. After all, safety is priceless. Such as brake system, various oils, suspension system, powertrain and so on.

The accessories that do not affect driving safety can be selected from the auxiliary factory, such as bumpers, trim strips, plastic shells, etc., which are just decorative, and it won't matter if you buy cheap ones. Those who have high quality requirements can also use the original factory. They have their own loves for radish and vegetables. Just be happy.

Friends who want to know more about car use, may as well pay attention to me, I will share with you a piece of car dry goods every day to keep you away from car use troubles.

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