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Even if we could’t be the number one of auto parts brand in the world, but we hope we are the second.

Once, when I travelled to South America, in Lima city of Peru, I suddenly saw a small roadside car accessories shop, which had brand marks printed on the billboards of the accessories they sold: Volkswagen, Toyota, Febi, I was curious and asked the clerk, "how do you put Febi with the brands of Volkswagen and Toyota, and Febi doesn't make cars, right?" The clerk smiled at me and said proudly, "yes, Febi doesn't make cars, but their parts are as good as OEM's!" I was impressed by this.

Once again, when I visited a factory which has been working with us for many years, I suddenly found that one of their logistics vehicles was full of auto parts printed with the label of Febi. I asked the boss of the factory the reason. He replied with great pride, "yes, we produce automobile parts for Febi and ship it to Germany." I was shocked at the time. Why we and Febi are selling the same factory’s products, but we can't get the same respect as Febi?

After our serious reflection, we think that there is still a big gap between us and Febi. No matter brand promotion, management efficiency, quality control, customer service, we all have many places to learn from Febi.

Therefore, we have created the brand Partsqueen, and we will take Febi as our mentor, improve the brand, management, quality and service, and make more perfect contribution to the customers of aftermarket parts worldwide.

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